A peek inside the offices of Kojima Productions LA

The new Metal Gear Online is being developed by Kojima Productions’ brand new Los Angeles based studio. On the official MGO Twitter account, some pictures along with information on the building were shared.


“Our office is adjacent to the warehouses that built famous aircrafts such as the H-4 Hercules.”


“The building we’re in includes two floors with a view of those warehouses and a secondary building with a theatre.”



“While the building is a historic site it has been remodeled to house our technical infrastructure.”

“We’ll share a little more about our offices now and then. Also be sure to keep sending #MGO feedback!”

The studio also wanted to remind the fans of the fact that they take feedback very seriously:

“Wanted to take a moment to remind you all that not only are we asking for feedback but we’re taking that in and discussing all of it. Know that we’re continually listening to everyone’s thoughts via Twitter replies and reading the community feedback you’re leaving us. No ones thoughts are left out and we want everyone from MGO veterans to those who’ve never touched a Metal Gear title to weigh in.”

“You are all so awesome! So many more responses today. Monday’s reporting is looking pretty colorful! Reminder: keep things civil between each other. Opinions from all angles are more than welcome, save that heat for the MGO battlefield.”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

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