Quiet figure by Play Arts gets release date, price and new pictures

Square Enix has announced new details on their upcoming Play Arts Quiet figure from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The figure, measuring just over 26 cm (a little over 10″) in size, will release on April 30th of this year (at least for Japan), and will cost ¥10.090 (around $84) on Square Enix’ own web store. Among the extra accessories are a sniper rifle, an extra set of hands, a handgun and a swappable head.

The figure is also sold at Amazon Japan for ¥10.584.


MGSV-TPP-Quiet-Play-Arts-2 MGSV-TPP-Quiet-Play-Arts-3 MGSV-TPP-Quiet-Play-Arts-4 MGSV-TPP-Quiet-Play-Arts-5 MGSV-TPP-Quiet-Play-Arts-6 MGSV-TPP-Quiet-Play-Arts-7

Source: Square Enix official site, Amazon Japan

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