Kojima Productions seems to be holding play testing sessions for MGSV: The Phantom Pain

The development of Metal Gear Solid V has proven tough due to the ambitious nature of the game. It seems like Kojima Productions is now doing play testing sessions for the game, meaning they’re letting people play parts of the game to gather feedback.


“Play & check.”


“Open world game tutorial’s hard compare w/ linear game as it can lock players in small area and gradually let go broader space. Being able to go anywhere & find things by oneself is ideal for open world.”

By JunkerHQ (translating Kojima’s comments): “Looks like they’re doing play testing sessions for MGSV. Kojima talking about how tutorials are difficult this time. In a linear game you would start the player in a small area and gradually expand what they can do, but you can’t do that in open world stealth. Ideally the player can go wherever he wants and can discover things himself.”

If you remember Ground Zeroes was also meant as sort of a tutorial to The Phantom Pain, letting players get used to the new gameplay style while keeping it a bit more limited than the main portion of the game. The Phantom Pain is going to be a lot larger in scale, containing far bigger environments, gameplay mechanics such as dynamic weather and an day-night cycle, and will give the player a lot more options to play around with.

Kojima also said: “The phase of adjustment takes place before the phase of difficulty setting or debugging. Putting together all the elements based on the plan. Checking like is it alright? is it fun?or good in balance? and fix those is the most important phase for action game. It’s close to editing phase in term of film making but for game development this is the beginning of the main part.”


“Having a break.”


“Daizaburo’s Snake. Look at the horn.”

Another interesting piece of information (from JunkerHQ): “Also, it’s missing from the official English tweet, but Kojima hints again that the horn becomes bigger”.


Lastly, Kojima compared game development to preparing a meal. And, because we’re talking about Kojima here, it’s like dining at a 5-star restaurant. Again, translated by JunkerHQ.

“It’s like a multicourse meal. You individually create recipes for, cook, season, and serve the appetizer, palate cleanser, main course, desert, drinks, and so on. You also prepare the table, tablecloth, tableware, and even flowers. You taste everything over and over again in the order it’ll be eaten. Even what was perfect individually will need to be flavored or served differently according to what comes before and after it.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2), JunkerHQ

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