As play testing continues, Kojima explains the various approaches to MGSV and shares some more images

On Sunday January 11th, Kojima Productions continued with play testing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (go here for yesterday’s post). Hideo Kojima shared some more images, most notably a picture of the interior of Snake’s helicopter, and he also mentioned some of the possible ways to play through the game (translation by JunkerHQ).

MGSV is a stealth game, but because it’s an open-world stealth game, there are various possible approaches to it. Perfect stealth — completing missions without leaving any traces. Approaching enemies from behind and neutralizing them with CQC. Neutralizing enemies from a distance with a tranquilizer gun. Using Fulton recoveries to reduce the risk of detection. Utilizing preemptive assault to facilitate infiltration, and on and on.

MGSV-Play-Testing-January 11thMGSV-Play-Testing-January-11th-2 “Checking”


“Having a break while flying above Africa.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, JunkerHQ

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