Revolmini Venom Snake figure shows his colors

Announced last year as the third in the Metal Gear RevolMini line, this Venom Snake figure is set for release in June of this year. Here are the first pictures of the figure in color, from Italian merchandise shop Dreamland Store.







Update: More pictures from Amazon Japan and Kojima Productions’ official Twitter:

Revolmini-Venom-Snake-14 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-13 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-12 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-11 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-10 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-9 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-8 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-7 Revolmini-Venom-Snake-6Revolmini-Venom-Snake-15Revolmini-Venom-Snake-16Revolmini-Venom-Snake-Kojima-Productions

The figure, based on Snake from MGSV: The Phantom Pain, has a height of 11 cm (about 4″), and will be available from June 2015 for a price of around 43 euro ($50).

Source: Amazon Japan, Kojima Productions TwitterDreamland Store, via Figsoku

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