Metal Gear Online developers: we’re looking at all suggestions, but ultimately it’s about what provides the most fun

Metal Gear Online is currently in development at Kojima Productions Los Angeles, the brand new US based studio. The resurrected online component of the series is being created in cooperation with the Japanese team who made the previous entries. The studio has also been actively seeking feedback from fans. And while every suggestion is welcome, the development team doesn’t want to lose focus of their main goal.

“We’re building MGO from the ground up with certain design ideas in mind, which includes looking at the past (MGO2/1), as well as creating a unique multiplayer experience.” The studio wrote on their official Twitter account. “Down the road though we hope to engage in greater detail on all aspects of the game. So while we talk yet on all your requests/queries, know we’re considering everything but will ultimately do what we believe is the most fun. That said, no discussion is closed completely, so certainly voice your thoughts on all aspects.”

It seems like the team is considering all options, but it’s not simply about imitating what was done in the past. So just as Metal Gear Solid V is a new kind of Metal Gear, so too can we expect the new MGO to be a new kind of Metal Gear Online.


If you have any suggestions to the team, be sure to send them to their official Twitter account linked in the source below.

Source: MGO Twitter

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