Short Kojima Productions Japan studio tour from Kojima Station

Wondering what the studio of Kojima Productions currently looks like? Well, during the latest episode of Kojima Station, Imaizumi and Kobayashi treated viewers to a short tour.


As you can see, the studio mainly consists of a large space divided by cubicles. If you look closely you can see someone working on Quiet’s character model on a monitor.


Also, they didn’t want the camera to move to the right too much because there was some stuff they didn’t want us to see.

All the way to the left side of the room, in the corner, is Yoji Shinkawa’s office.


The interior was shown in an earlier episode of Kojima Station.

All the way at the end, behind the red curtain is the bureau where Kojima checks the game.



To see the video of the tour, follow the link in the source section below.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 32, JunkerHQ

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