Don’t expect MGO3 to be MGO2 on the Fox Engine, devs say

Despite the fact that Metal Gear Online 2 is of great influence on the new Metal Gear Online, players shouldn’t expect the game to simply be MGO2 on the Fox Engine, the studio said on Twitter, answering fan questions. After all, they are trying to create a new experience.

Q: How influential would you say ‪mgo2‬ is to the development of ‪mgo3‬?
A: Very but one should not go into MGO3 expecting MGO2 on the Fox Engine, they’re different games.

The developers also answered some more questions via Twitter:

Q: Hello Guys I Want To Ask You Is MGO Will Be Localization To Other Languages ( Arabic My Language If You Know What I Mean )
A: Other languages yes, but I can’t confirm which ones right now.

Q: Noticed a masked player with a character model that resembled Kojima in the MGO trailer…is he a playable character/skin?
A: character designs from the trailer are somewhat early, we can’t guarantee they’ll be exactly like that, but should be close. But no plans for a Kojima character right now.

Q: Did you guys like mgo2? Does everybody in that awesome office know about our feedback? Thnx!
A: Yep feedback is shared regularly and of course we’re fans of previous MGO.

Also, some new pictures taken at the Kojima Productions LA studio were posted on the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account, showing off some play testing on the multi-monitor setup. Unfortunately you can’t really see the game as the screens have been blurred out.



“Remember that multi-monitor setup? Sometimes we play test on it!”


“TBF It can get a little crowded.”


“Plenty of desks to play from as well (shot from our all-studio stand up)”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

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