A look behind the scenes of Donna Burke’s Sins of the Father music video

Singer and actor Donna Burke (Heavens Divide, Sins of the Father and the voice of the iDroid) has initiated a project in which she is creating a music video together with the fans. For now, she uploaded a short behind the scenes video, in which she also answers some questions sent in by fans.

This is what Donna Burke wrote on her Facebook page:

“Okay..so we don’t have the full release of ‪#‎sinsofthefather‬ date but that doesn’t mean us fans can’t make our own videos right? We will upload 9 videos shot from different angles for you to make your own fan mixes..you never know, we might get the Kojima Report guys to vote which is the best..and get some ideas for how the Official Sins of the father video! I will let you know in the next day or two or you can check my youtube page to see the uploads. Thanks to Joe Everitt for production and Landon Lake for video.”

As you can see, we can expect the videos in the coming days, and with it fans will be able to create their own Sins of the Father music video. Any ideas? What about an orchestra of fiddling Kaz Millers in the background? Or a flock of sheep being fultonned into the air, slowly drifting up against a setting sun?

Lastly, here are some pictures of the shoot.


Source: Donna Burke Facebook, Youtube

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