Bandaged Big Boss on MGSV: The Phantom Pain pictures by Kojima

Hideo Kojima posted some pictures of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, once again showing Snake in the helicopter. What’s new here is that Snake has some bandages wrapped around his head, something that we haven’t seen before outside of the hospital scene. But going by Kojima’s tweets, this is probably just a glitch.

MGSV-Big-Boss-Chopper-Bandages MGSV-Big-Boss-Chopper-Bandages-2

 “What? Unexpectedly Snake got bandage on when back in to chopper! Why?! Wasn’t plan this way.”

In another shot we can see DD lying on the floor of the helicopter.


“DD seems shocked to see Snake with bandages.”

Looks like there is still some bug fixing to do.

Update 2/18


“Bandages on today as well.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1 and 2)

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