A new picture of Snake in the bipedal mech, with some commentary by Kojima

Today Kojima actually shared an image of Snake in a vehicle other than the famous chopper: the mech seen at the end of the E3 2013 trailer. Aside from two legs, the device also seems to have at least one arm with a hand, complete with fingers.


Here are two images from the E3 2013 trailer:



It seems to be the same device but with a slightly different setup: instead of the hand its extendable arm is equipped with a rifle. Maybe you can customize it and switch arms, much like Snake himself – though the one shown above is attached to the side of the machine while this one retracts inside. Also, it looks like the mech on the picture above has a gun on the left side.

A similar mech also appeared in the Metal Gear Online trailer, armed with a minigun:


In another tweet Kojima mentioned how he’d been taking his buddies with him on missions – first DD and this week Quiet. However, Quiet had been injured during the mission and had to be transported to the medical bay. So now it was just Snake and the pilot, and a whole lot of empty seats, making Kojima feel quite lonely. That’s why he decided to take a ride in the mech: “I wanted some company, so I took a mecha out for a spin.”

Furthermore, he also talked a bit about the freedom of this new open world Metal Gear (translation by JunkerHQ):

“MGSV is an open-world “free infiltration” game, as opposed to a linear game. This doesn’t just mean that the maps are big; infiltration routes, approach to intel gathering, time of day, equipment, means of transport – these are all up to the player. We have to ensure there is freedom that is not only logical but allows for spontaneity. What I’m doing right now is resolving problems that have appeared, without altering the level of freedom.

From morning till night, I continue to put the game together while playing it on real hardware (the same environment in which players will play the game). Of course, I still have meetings to attend and things from the various teams to go check in-person.

It seems like some people aren’t happy with all the photos from the chopper I’ve been tweeting lately? But I’m afraid this can’t be helped because I can only take photos during breaks lol.”


Kojima checking MGSV: The Phantom Pain (Kojima Station 32)

It seems like development isn’t always going smoothly, judging by Kojima’s following metaphor. He compares it to a mountain climbing trip were everything goes wrong.

“Let’s say we planned to go mountain climbing as a team. We research, train, create a map, gather equipment, do a simulation, and then go do it for real. But the map is wrong, the weather is terrible, the route is blocked, we took the wrong equipment, the air is thin, someone gets sick, and so on – the situation is nothing like we thought it’d be. When we actually did the climb, problems occurred.

Creating a game is like making a movie or other things. You encounter various problems on the road to completion. From big to small. But you can’t complete what it is you’re making if you don’t resolve these. We don’t have the option to climb back down and change mountains at this point. It’s about racking our brains to figure out how to get to the top. That’s the real joy of where we’re at right now.”

But hey, this is Kojima, and he will eventually reach the summit.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, JunkerHQ

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