Konami details data transfer from Ground Zeroes to The Phantom Pain

Konami has provided some details regarding the data transfer that will allow you to transfer your Ground Zeroes save file to The Phantom Pain. Not much has changed here, but there seem to be some new requirements.

Here is a table showing the data transfer compatibility:


You’ll also need the disc for the process if you have a physical copy, and the online account has to be the same. And if you own it digitally, you’ll also have to use the same account.

To reiterate, this is what you get in The Phantom Pain for transferring your Ground Zeroes save file:

  • The sneaking suit from Ground Zeroes
  • Mother Base staff, including any POWs you’ve saved (it’s not specific yet)
  • The option to revisit Camp Omega (including something ‘cool’ Kojima talked about earlier, something that has never been done before)

Source: MGSV Official Site, JunkerHQ

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