Full scale bionic arm replica grabs the attention in an official video

For those who want a better look at the 1:1 scale bionic arm, Konami has got you covered. The studio released a video that provided a detailed, up-close look at the item.

The arm is 50 centimeters long and weights 850 grams.

The bionic arm is included in the Japanese Premium Package of the game, which is rather expensive compared to the western collector’s edition due to the much higher production costs of this full sized version. The item is made by Sentinel, who also did several other MGS collectibles in the past (and they are currently working on a model of the new Metal Gear from The Phantom Pain). Recent tweets by Ken Imaizumi seem to suggest that the arm will be available outside Japan. “I believe Sentinel sells their products worldwide.” he said. However, this contradicts earlier statements that the arm won’t be released separately and is only available with the Premium Package of the game. So it could simply be a mistake. Or perhaps Imaizumi is trying to get Sentinel to bring the arm to the western market, if people show there is enough demand for it (similar to how he asked Sony to release the MGSV PS4 globally).

To see the other items included in the Premium Package, go here.

Update: In a response to Ken Imaizumi’s tweet, Sentinel has stated on Twitter that they are considering releasing the full scale arm in the west: “Absolutely! As it’s really a great work, we will consider selling outside Japan as well.”

Source: MGSV Official SiteKen Imaizumi Twitter, Su Twitter, JunkerHQ Twitter, Sentinel Twitter

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