Konami spokesperson confirms some of the rumors in Gamespark interview

In an interview with Gamespark released yesterday, Konami confirmed some rumors, while leaving others unanswered. It looks like at least some of the information provided by Gamespot’s inside source turns out to be true. However, the interview doesn’t make Kojima’s future role much clearer.

Konami’s reorganization has affected Kojima Productions as well as other studios. The logo has been removed, Twitter accounts have moved, etc. The studio will be disbanded and ‘all releases made under different studios will be centralized and coordinated from headquarters’. Kojima Productions no longer exists as its own entity.


Kojima is still the director of the Metal Gear series, according to the information. However, it’s unclear if they mean just for now or in the future as well. The Konami spokesperson didn’t want to say wether he now works as a contract employee, saying Kojima still works for Konami.

The development team currently has restricted access to internet and email. This is done to provide a greater development environment. It also means less media appearances for Kojima, such as interviews.

As confirmed by Konami yesterday, The Phantom Pain is still designed, written, produced and directed by Kojima.

Source: GameSpark, Reddit, JunkerHQ

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