Stefanie Joosten and Akio Otsuka were with Kojima in the studio today

Since the restructure of Konami and the disbanding of Kojima Productions we haven’t heard much from any of the actual people working on the game. But now Stefanie Joosten, who plays Quiet in MGSV, and Akio Otsuka (Snake in the Japanese version) have provided an update via Twitter.

Stefanie mentions that she has worked with ‘Big Boss’ again today. She is most likely referring to Akio Otsuka, who also posted on Twitter a few hours ago that he was doing some work with Kojima, Shinkawa and Joosten. In any case, it’s good to hear at least something from inside the studio again. Both Joosten and Akio also said the team is working very hard on the game.

Akio posted a picture of himself, Stefanie and Kojima standing in the recording booth.


Source: Stefanie Joosten Twitter, Akio Otsuka Twitter, JunkerHQ

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