Small bits of Metal Gear Online info straight from the developers

Konami Los Angeles Studio, the developers of the new Metal Gear Online, has been answering questions from fans the past week on Twitter, giving out small bits of information.

  • The studio is working on ways to counter cheating
  • No three team modes are planned
  • They can’t say much about Ga-Ko and Kerotan, but added that they aren’t the only mascots of the series, there will be new ones in the game
  • When a player leaves, the match will continue
  • The studio is exploring a weapon switch option outside of the d-pad
  • Maps are designed to be used across multiple modes
  • The kind of info you get during a CQC interrogation depends on the mode
  • The team is still having discussions about aiming, and is considering all factors (specifically talking about aim angles)
  • They can’t confirm right now wether there will be a beta for the game, but did note that it would ‘definitely help with feedback’ [Seems like there is a pretty good possibility there will be a beta at some point]
  • At launch the game won’t have more clothing options than MGO2 had when it closed, but ‘the customization is quite varied and will grow’. [That last part makes it sound like they plan to add more though DLC]
  • Some people seem to be concerned the game will be more like Call of Duty, but the studio assures there is no risk of that. The game was never designed to be like that
  • Dedicated designers and fans of previous MGO titles are working in it (among which key individuals who also worked on MGO2), and they’re listening to feedback from fans
  • Another things that worries some people is the leveling system, but the studio said it wouldn’t use the phrase ‘linear’ to describe progression in the game
  • ‘Balance and sense of fun throughout are paramount to a good multiplayer experience regardless of intent’
  • As for the unpredictability of players, the studio said that’s a given for every multiplayer, and they try to design for both intent and contingencies

On the subject of Kojima’s rumored departure, they simply repeated that ‘Mr. Kojima is employed at Konami and continues to be involved in the development of MGSV’, and that ‘we have no plans to alter our support of Metal Gear Online before or after Dec 2015’.

The next info drop ‘will invite more questions and provide more answers’. This will happen before E3.

Lastly, the team showed some new posters that are now decorating the studio’s lobby.


“Recent updates to our lobby decor! Have a wonderful weekend all”


Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Robert Peeler Twitter

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