Troy Baker: Every character in TPP has some shade of controversy

In an interview conducted by FraggedNation and co-hosted by Korrupt Ronin and YongYea, Troy Baker answered some questions about his role as Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


Of course, Troy couldn’t reveal too much since it would spoil the game. He said the relationship between Big Boss and Ocelot will become clear as you play through the game. “I definitely think you’re going to see a different side of Ocelot than you’ve seen before.”

Speaking of this, Troy wanted to say something to the Hayter fans specifically: “I love David Hayter, [he’s been in the] franchise since the very beginning, David is amazing, he loves the character… Kiefer Sutherland came in and knocked it out of the park. He did a great job. He was honoring the character David Hayter helped create. He’s doing something different, it’s going to make sense. Stick with it.” He also implored gamers once again to reserve their judgment for when they have played the game, as he did before in a different interview.


Answering a question on how creative he could be with Ocelot, Troy said: “Ocelot is kind of like the Cid in Final Fantasy.” For those who don’t know, Cid is a character that returns in every Final Fantasy game, but every time in a different form and with a different role. Troy added that the difference is of course that the several ‘Ocelots’ in the various games are in fact one and the same person, but he still feels the situation is comparable. “I’ve got so many resource material to pull from to make it feel like the same character, just intrinsically it’s going to change when it’s a different actor, so I love what Patric Zimmerman did and also what Josh Keaton did.” So while he has a lot of past, Troy hopes he can do something with the character that keeps him fresh and different.


Given the fact that Kojima said The Phantom Pain will have a lot of controversial elements, Yong wondered if Ocelot’s sadistic side will play into this. Troy answered: “I would say this: I think that every character in this [The Phantom Pain] has some shade of the controversy that they will contribute to. But you’re going to be surprised to know that it doesn’t just come from Ocelot.”

You can watch the full interview, in which they talk about Troy’s career, his music and his other roles by following this link, or click on the video below. Also, you get to hear him say ‘you’re pretty good’ with his Ocelot voice.

Source: FraggedNation, via YongYea

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