No trophies and achievements planned for Metal Gear Online, and some more info from the developers

As usual, the developers of the new Metal Gear Online at Konami Los Angeles Studio have been answering questions via Twitter, providing small bits of new information. Here’s the info collected over the past three weeks, on achievements and trophies, auto aim and support.


First, this was their response to some comments on how close they’re working with the Japanese developers (something that has been talked about earlier):

“Our Creative Director and Producer are both developers of MGO2, they work primarily with the team in our Japan office. Creative director [Kotaro Oki] visits our office as often as possible and works with us through long-stretches of development time. Additionally when he’s away we have multiple weekly discussions both in teleconference and email. In summary we work closely with the Japan team, on a regular basis, about as much as we do with the team not in Japan.”

Here is the additional info gathered from answered questions:

  • The maps are large enough that any sniper should feel right at home.
  • When asked how vast the customization will be, the developers answered: “It’s important to us, if that helps.”
  • You will be able to see the connection strength of players on the match info screens.
  • They’re looking into counter measures in regard to cheaters.
  • The developers stated it’s too early to talk about DLC and season passes.
  • Players can ‘opt out’ of matches with special characters.
  • There are no achievements or trophies planned for Metal Gear Online.
  • Hosts won’t be able to set upload speed.
  • Support for the game won’t be separated by region.
  • An auto aim option is planned, but it will be something you can switch off in your personal settings.
  • The control scheme is similar to the one in Ground Zeroes, but the team does their own balance and response testing for Metal Gear Online separately.
  • There are no plans in place to discontinue the service, the team has no end date in mind.

Lastly, the developers talked about balancing their own expertise and feedback by fans.

“While we appreciate all fan feedback, we aren’t looking to fans to decide our entire development plan. We are experienced professional game designers/developers and ultimately decide what works best for the game. Rest assured however we continue to listen to the community and will revise the game as needed. That is why we have sought the community for feedback and regularly take it in. We appreciate the support and hope you will enjoy the system, as free or limited as it feels in context of the game.”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

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