Metal Gear wins prizes at Famitsu Awards… but no one is there to accept them

Yesterday, the Famitsu game awards took place, during which prizes are given out to games in several categories. The team of Kojima Productions won three of them: the original Metal Gear Solid received a Game Media Award (for most memorable games, as voted by players), Ground Zeroes an award of excellence, while PT (the teaser for Kojima’s SIlent Hills Project) won an award for innovation.


The strange thing was though, there was no one to pick up the awards. No Hideo Kojima, and no one else from Konami.

Kojima did attend earlier Famitsu Awards on several occasions: in 2006, when MGS3 Subsistence received an award of excellence, in 2009 for MGS4, and in 2011 for Peace Walker.

It’s not clear whether his absence this year has something to do with the whole Konami – Kojima situation, but it seems likely. The official Metal Gear Twitter account acknowledged the awards, which Kojima retweeted. Although Kojima has been more active on Twitter lately, he has not provided any updates on the development of the game like he has done in the last few years.

Source: JunkerHQ, Kotaku

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