Newly revealed DD figure wears a sneaking suit and is armed to the teeth

Kojima has revealed yet another MGSV figure, once again made by Play Arts. Although it’s still in the checking phase, Hideo shared two pictures on Twitter. This time, Snake’s wolf companion DD gets the figure treatment. Wearing not only his eyepatch but also a sneaking suit, and clenching a knife between its teeth, DD looks ready for battle.



“Here’s prototype of DD geared up in sneaking suits by PlayArts KAI. Still in checking phase.”


This probably means players will be able to dress DD in different outfits in the game as well, including this sneaking suit. We know we’ll be able to ‘upgrade’ the horse, so why not DD as well? Also, the knife in its mouth could be a reference to the famous FOXHOUND logo.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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