A horse returns in Kojima’s motion capture sessions

Kojima is working in the motion capture studio again, so that also means new, vague photos have appeared on his Twitter. The most intriguing one is this one of a 3D preview. Aside from the fact that it’s 3D, what’s interesting is that it’s about a horse.

Kojima noted in another Tweet that it was a difficult scene to record, and that they had supervision of an expert in the field of horseback riding.

Some people may remember the horse that was in the Fox Engine Demo, as well as the Lighting Demo from a few months back, which back than reminded people of The Boss’s horse that appears in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. But of course assuming this is the same one goes too far for now.

Some other photos Kojima posted didn’t exactly clear anything up either.

Shuyo Murata is holding some dummy upside down, while another actor who’s on the ground watches. It’s hard to make out what on earth this scene could be about.

Yesterday Kojima also posted some pictures of the motion capturing that was going on, as well as of the impressive studio they are using for the recordings.

On another photo we can see three actors playing out their roles in what Kojima called a ‘giant set’:

They look like guards watching something from higher up, but again, it’s hard to guess what it’s all about without any context.

Kojima’s daily photos are still shrouded in mystery. However, the game designer has stated there will be a new Fox Engine demo this month, so maybe that will clear things up a little.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

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