Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will really make you feel like a boss

Last month, Miguel Asher of Mexican gaming show Atomix Show was present at the MGSV Preview Event in LA, and in a video he talked a bit about his impressions – which were only positive. Credits for the translation of this information go to YongYea.

As said before, the morale of Snake’s soldiers will drop when he’s gone too long from Mother Base. According to Miguel, the game really makes you feel like a boss, and the player will feel the weight of their decisions. Also, when Snake returns to Mother Base soldiers will line up and salute him. As Snake walks around the base (for example, to take a shower), Kaz and Ocelot will accompany him and walk along with him, one on each side, while giving him information and advice, on what to build and develop for Mother Base for example. They will also automatically distribute the soldiers Snake fultonned across the various units, but you can do it yourself to achieve the best results. Soldiers on Mother Base will also ask Snake to train with them. All in all, the game will really make you feel like you’re the ultimate leader, the ‘Big Boss’ of this small army.


It looks like every weapon can be improved through R&D. You’ll be able to develop a sniper rifle that shoots tranquilizer rounds. For some weapons, like this sniper rifle, you not only have to get your unit to a certain level, but also recruit specific staff, in this case an anesthesiologist.

As we’ve seen in gameplay videos Snake can lean on one side of his horse to avoid being spotted by the enemy. But apparently he can also shoot from this position, using one handed weapons.

Miguel also said that the game will have less cutscenes, but there is still an awesome story. Players can expect to see some very bizarre things in the game, and they won’t believe some of the things they will see. Miguel also praised the soundtrack, calling it nothing short of incredible, and stating that the stuff we’ve heard in GZ and in the trailers is just the tip of the iceberg.


In the video, Miguel also gave his opinion on the game. Going by the 16 hours he has played, he thinks this is the best game Konami has ever released. He also feels this game is easily a Game of the Year contender, with Bloodborne being the only true competition in his eyes. Comparing MGSV to Assassin’s Creed, he thinks The Phantom Pain makes the latter look like a poor man’s open world game, and that unlike AC, TPP has heart. He felt Kiefer Sutherland sounded more like a soldier, while David Hayter sounded a bit more ‘fake’ in earlier games.

So in short, another very positive impression of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It looks like the game is shaping up to be everything Hideo Kojima envisioned.

Source: Atomix Show (episode 13), YongYea

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