MGSV info from E3: weapon customization, playable female soldiers, changeable outfits for buddies

At the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain booth on the E3 show floor, the developers have been giving gameplay demonstrations of the game, showing not only missions, but also some of the customization options available. Below is a summary of the impressions of reddit user Risev, who attended the show.


  • Microtransactions have been confirmed, but they won’t affect the game in a negative way, and are only there for those who want to save time.
  • The photos in the helicopter are moments that you can capture and attach to the wall yourself.
  • The selection menu is more or less the same as in Ground Zeroes, but now you can also fully customize your loadout.
  • You can customize Mother Base (color, custom emblems), Snake himself (outfit, weapons buddies) and your weapons (including scopes, colors, barrels, weapon parts and under-barrels).


  • The loadout section also includes a face option.
  • You can play as someone other than Snake, including female soldiers.
  • Buddies can also be customized with a different outfit, so if you want, you can swap Quiet’s ‘naked camo’ for something else.



  • Aside from specific missions, you can also choose ‘freeroam’ and select a drop location.
  • Snake can also pet Diamond Dog, his wolf companion.
  • DD will detect enemies, and can be given the command to attack or to wait.
  • At the mission start location, you will find a machine where you can plug in the iDroid to download the mission data. This will make the mission begin, with the names of the characters and developers popping up on screen. You can keep playing while this happens.
  • The D-Walker is very fast, has a lot of firepower and protects the player from attacks. You can also use it for stealth take-downs. It can also be ordered to do things like scouting the area, and even has its own robotic voice.
  • Enemies had adapted to Snake’s attack methods by equipping themselves with shields and heavy armor, and they can also use things like inflatable decoys themselves.
  • The chopper Snake called in could fire missiles, and there’s also a gun turret Snake can use while flying away.
  • At the end of the mission, Snake attached a Kojima Productions logo to his chest.

Some more on the microtransaction from Japanese website Gamespark (translated by JunkerHQ):
Everything can be unlocked without them, they are just there for those who want stuff faster. For example, using microtransactions weapons can be developed for less. More details, including pricing, will be revealed at a later date.

JunkerHQ: D-Walker can be customized for stealth or combat. While riding it, Snake can CQC guards and carry their bodies around.


Update: someone uploaded a video of the beginning of the presentation, showing mission preparations. Check it out below:

Konami will have the gameplay demonstration available online later, promising the date and time will be announced ‘soon.

Source: Reddit, Metal Gear Official Twitter Japan, oatmealsMGO, JunkerHQ, Metal Gear Official TwitterGC BC Youtube

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