New images of the Nendoroid MGS2 Raiden figure, now in color

New images have appeared on website Figsuko showing the Nendoroid Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden, which includes a SOCOM pistol with suppressor, HF blade and even a naked body. Also, check out the drawing by Yoji Shinkawa.

Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-1 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-2 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-3 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-4 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-5 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-6 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-7 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-8 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-9 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-10 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-11 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-12 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-13 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-14 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-15 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Color-16

The figure does not have a release date yet. As for price, it will probably be comparable to the Solid Snake Nendoroid figure that came out last year.

Source:, Figsuko

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