MGO developers answer Twitter questions: no story co-op planned, mic support, Japanese voice options and more

The people at Konami Los Angeles, who are working on the new Metal Gear Online, have been answering some questions through Twitter during the past month. In this post you’ll find a compilation of some of the answers.

May 2526

How many bullets does it take to kill someone?
Metal Gear Online: Depends on a lot of factors.
Alright, would you say it takes more body shots than it did in MGO2 with an assault rifle?
Metal Gear Online: Still too many variables to say definitively, but on average seems like 4 to the body would do it, still that could change.

Hey guys I have never played MGO & was gonna ask what it is like, will there be team tactics or is just another run and gun?
Metal Gear Online: Players can approach a match in different ways but we always recommend coordinating with team members for your best chance.

May 27

Love MGO1 and 2 but will the teleporting after getting knocked down by a grenade or rolling be fixed this time around?
Metal Gear Online: I’m not positive about what you’re referring to.
When knocked down by grenades bodies would appear somewhere else when they stand up. Was informed not connection related.
Metal Gear Online: Haven’t really run into that in MGO3.

May 28

There’s been more interaction in the past 4 months than the 4 years of MGO2 combined. Thanks a lot!
Metal Gear Online: We wish we could talk more, but we know we will as we get closer to launch and through it.

4 shots to the body is near the cod mark… Remember this game is all about headshots.
Metal Gear Online: We’re aiming towards making it fun and interesting, not necessarily CoD or unCoD or even MGO2 style.
Metal Gear Online: Still as I said variables are likely to change, still more work to do to balance these figures.

If there is a major outcry after launch are you all willing to make adjustments?
Metal Gear Online: That’s a bit too general a question to respond to definitively, but of course we can make certain changes if necessary.

Please run network tests on MGO3.
Metal Gear Online: Don’t worry, we’re running/will continue to run tests.

MGO Tweets worry me, there was nothing wrong with MGO2 except glitchers/ddos. Fix that and people will love it…
Metal Gear Online: This isn’t counter to what you say, but your expectations should not be MGO2. This is a new MGO and will be different.
Metal Gear Online: The heart & soul is Metal Gear, but there are changes, some significant, some minor. We’re passionate/hopeful fans will enjoy.

Who’s/are the best at the office?
Metal Gear Online: At playing? I don’t want to put any undue targets on anyone’s back but I will say our dev support and designers tend to dominate.

Metal Gear Online: I understand many of you are providing concerned feedback on a single response, but keep in mind we mentioned there are many variables at play, assume little.

PS Plus to play online? 
Metal Gear Online: You will definitely need PSPlus sub to play online on PS4 and no sorry PS3 save won’t work on PS4 version.

Standard match time?
Metal Gear Online: Well that still has variables that can change it but I’d say they average 6-8 minutes or so.

Will the team play the game with the community?
Metal Gear Online: You bet!

Metal Gear Online: This channel [Twitter account] will always be there.

Metal Gear Online: We’ll detail reporting/customer service systems at a later date.


June 8

Metal Gear Online: Everyone on the team can be fully mic’d

English voice options for Japanese version and vice-versa?
Metal Gear Online: It will yes
Metal Gear Online: I’m referring specifically to MGO, I can’t comment on single player in this regard

June 10

Metal Gear Online: We have preset radio commands

June 20

Metal Gear Online: We would love to support Arabic translation, however its not likely to make it at launch

Metal Gear Online: I know there were a lot of fans disappointed we couldn’t show off MGO at E3 Let me please thank you for your patience and continued support. I want to assure you we’re still hard at work in development of the game so we can get it out to you and show you what we have in store.

Metal Gear Online: Today’s playtest involved some long matches for stability testing, and it was pretty exciting to see how competitive the game is becoming.

June 22

Metal Gear Online: No coop is planned for the story campaign. MGO is team based pvp multiplayer

Metal Gear Online: Currently, no mobile application for MGO is planned

June 25

Metal Gear Online: Hello all! We certainly appreciate and share the fervor that many of you have to discuss the features and design of MGO. We’re eager to share more information with you, and will do so as soon as we’re able to. For now however we cannot answer too many questions. Thank you for your continued patience. As soon as we can communicate more on MGO details, it’ll be here first, to our loyal followers.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

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