Video showing Japanese MGSV TPP Special Edition reveals new info on Quiet, Metal Gear ST-84 and more

Konami has released a video detailing the Japanese Special Edition for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This edition comes with an artbook with more than 50 pages, a Blu-Ray with some extras (making of, interviews, trailers and ‘phantom footage’), a map and DLC.



Particularly interesting is the few pages they show of the artbook, revealing some new information on Quiet, the new Metal Gear and more.

Punished “Venom” Snake


Former Agent in the CIA Special Service Division FOX. Codename: Snake.
A “legendary mercenary” who saved the world from the brink of nuclear destruction.
Trained by The Boss, a woman regarded as the “Mother of the World’s Special Forces”.
Snake was awarded the title “Big Boss” by the US president upon completing a mission the assassinate his mentor in 1964.

Following the mission, Snake parted ways with his commander, Major Zero, and establish and an army without a nation in South America with Kazuhira Miller.
An off-shore plant in the Caribbean coast would serve as their “Mother Base”.
However, a plot to destroy the organization would end with Snake and Mother Base being lost in 1975.

“I won’t see you end as ashes. You’re all diamonds.”
“We’ll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battles with us.”
“We are Diamond Dogs.”




A scout and sniper whose special abilities allow her to stalk her prey without being seen or heard. To the soviets she is feared as Quiet-Russian-Name, which means “quiet”.

True to her name, she never speaks, answers to interrogation or even communicates through writing. Despite this, she grows to share a bond of mutual understanding with Snake.

Quiet came here to fulfill some objective. To kill you, maybe to destroy Diamond Dogs.

Metal Gear ST-84


A soviet weapon, which dr. Emmerich (Huey) is suspected to have helped develop. Height in neutral position estimated at 15m.
Its capabilities, purpose, and level of completion are unknown.

Cyprus Hospital Ward


After Snake fell into coma, Ocelot hid him in a hospital within the British sovereign base area of Cyprus. When his location became known, the hospital was immediately besieged by multiple groups, among the attackers was a mysterious “Man on Fire” who plunged the entire hospital into chaos.


The Blu-Ray disc

MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Special-Edition-Back MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Special-Edition-Front

To see the video go here. You can order the special edition at certain import shops, Amazon Japan, or CDJapan.

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Source: Konami 573 Channel, JunkerHQ, via Metal Gear Net

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