‘Mother Base Coins’ prices revealed

The prices for the so-called ‘Mother Base Coins’ have been revealed. These coins can be purchased with real money and be used for the FOB feature of the game.


The prices are: $49.99 for 6000 coins, $29.99 for 3500 coins, $9.99 for 1150 coins $4.99 for 550 coins and $0.99 for 100 coins.

The prices in euros are as follows:


€49,99 for 6000 Mother Base Coins, €29,99 for 3500 Mother Base Coins, €9,99 for 1150 Mother Base Coins, €4,99 for Mother Base Coins and €0,99 for 100 Mother Base Coins.

Here is Konami’s explanation on the use of Mother Base coins (to Gamespot earlier this month):

To clarify, the initial FOB, which includes the FOB command platform and all sub-platforms, is not behind a Mother Base coin paywall. Maintaining other FOBs past the initial set of FOB platforms can be purchased with Mother Base coins. More information regarding the payment model for FOB will be provided closer to launch.

Source:, PS Store

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