Here is Kojima’s advice on how to play MGSV:TPP

On Twitter, Hideo Kojima explained his preferred way to go through the game, alternating between exhausting infiltration missions and more lighthearted side ops as well as listening to cassette tapes in between.

Are you guys enjoying MGSV?

During MGSV adjustment phase in the development, I tested various types of setting & play style over and over. But my favorable way is to take a break, set up MB, listen to the tape in the chopper after mission/SIDEOPS. So that you get used to the rhythm of play. Btw, I stay in blood and go back to MB occasionally.

Pls take a break time to time as this free infiltration exhausts you if playing for a long time. Go back to MB between main missions, take a walk, or do the silly SIDE OPS to get mind reset.


He also said that he stopped playing his own games at home a long time ago, because it always resulted in him seeing other things to fix, no matter how many times he played through it during development.

To tell the truth, since long ago I’ve stopped playing my game at home once it launched. I can watch someone playing just fine but I can’t do it by myself as I may find something I want to fix again thou I had played over and over during the development.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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