Some more MGSV: The Phantom Pain tips from Kojima

Two days ago Kojima gave his Twitter followers some advice on what he feels is the best way to play through MGSV: The Phantom Pain. Today, he is back with some more tips and background information on the game.

We’ve been taking various lectures, trainings w/ the support from military advisors, military & police related people for this18 yrs. I kept asking in every briefing “is there a way to complete missions?” and the answer was “there’s no correct way, we just adapt ourselves in various  conditions”. Free infiltration, it was.


How you guys like making emblems?

My tip for making emblem: use animal motif with silly layout & coloring as much as possible makes it look real & cool. (Don’t know why but)


I wasn’t really SHIELD LOVER person but the reflection of the sun (it could be 7-color) was beautiful while carrying the shield on my back. It also tells you the location of the sun, resulting us making gold&silver shield.

Btw the shield covers your back and by riding D-Walker with it makes you invincible.

Those of you who’s having difficulty you can use CHICKEN CAP to complete mission and even CHICK CAP if CHICKEN CAP doesn’t work for you!


Cutscenes in MGSV TPP are all in realtime, not pre-rendered, meaning all the costumes, damage, equipments, time, weather will be reflected.

Watch out if wearing Chicken/Chick Cap as you will be forced to watch the important cutscenes with that.

The cockscomb of CHICKEN CAP lights on during the night so that the player can see where u are. U don’t get spotted by enemy, no worries.

Are you all playing MGSV? Which buddy you like to accompany with? You can enjoy variations of game play by using different buddy in the mission.


Try find the tape of my soul band, JOY DIVISION’s Love Will Tears Us Apart in MGSVTPP.

U can equip speakers on ur chopper to listen to ur selected tracks when it’s picking u up. My fav one is ONLY TIME WILL TELL by ASIA, makes me cry by Wetton’s vocal when my chopper picking me up on the field.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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