Tretij Rebenok by Play Arts – images and details

Check out Play Arts Kai’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain action figure of Tretij Rebenok on these official images.

Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-1 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-2 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-3 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-4 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-5

The product description and details:


The Metal Gear series boasts amazing stories unrivaled in the history of gaming and the latest game in the series; Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is no exception.
The year is 1984 and the Cold War raging between East and West has entered a new era. Snake appears in Afghanistan, setting the stage for a new tale where he will fight to reclaim his legend. One of the key characters in that story is Tretij Rebenok (The third Child) who is now being released as an awesome action figure.
The finely detailed gas mask and the trailing sleeves of Tretij Rebenok’s straight jacket that can be bent in any direction exude a menace that veils this elusive character in mystery, while the unknowable eyes behind his lenses appear fixed on something and perfectly project his eerie otherworldly mind.


  • Complete, fully painted PVC action figure
  • Packaging details:
 Windowed package with flap.
Includes special PLAY ARTS KAI figure stand.
  • Dimensions
 W 100mm x D 50mm x H 210.5mm approx.
  • Weight:100g
  • Copyright: © Konami Digital Entertainment

The figure will be available in January of next year. Square Enix is running a special sale at the moment on their online store, so you can get the item with 10% off (the same goes for the D-Dog figure).

Source: Square Enix

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