Tokyo Game Show Day 2 & Day 3 – photos and videos

During the second and third day of the Tokyo Game Show more Metal Gear Online matches were held. Here are some pictures posted by the Metal Gear Online official Twitter account (for photos of the first day, go here), and some new videos from Konami.

Day 2

TGS-2015-MGO-59 TGS-2015-MGO-58 TGS-2015-MGO-57 TGS-2015-MGO-56

“Another day here at Tokyo Game Show and another pro player Metal Gear Online match is about to start!“


“Using interrogations and the int-scope to locate the enemy is a great opening strategy”


“Special characters can add new gameplay variables like looking for a rocket arm creeping up on you!”


“More precise shots are made when in first person but it could leave you open in the field of battle”


“When a match is over you can check your progress and how it contributes to your character growth”


“Our next match is Cloak and Dagger where camo team attackers try to steal the data disc undetected”


“Our defending team, using lethal weapons to protect the data discs, a death or Fulton is permanent per match”

Day 3

TGS-2015-MGO-79 TGS-2015-MGO-78 TGS-2015-MGO-77 TGS-2015-MGO-76

“Tokyo Game Show has now opened up to everyone and we’re starting the day right with another pro gamer stream!”

TGS-2015-MGO-80 TGS-2015-MGO-82 TGS-2015-MGO-81

“Today we’re indulging a little with our Squid hat and lots of Ocelot gameplay”


“This next round is in our industrial zone: Amber Station”

TGS-2015-MGO-85 TGS-2015-MGO-84

“And while we prepare, eager fans are trying their own Bounty Hunter mission!”

TGS-2015-MGO-86 TGS-2015-MGO-88 TGS-2015-MGO-87

“Our best players are competing for some awesome Fulton Straps!”

TGS-2015-MGO-90 TGS-2015-MGO-89

“Our pro player match has begun and this time Ocelot and the Squid are buddies!”


“Ocelot with his usual flare instead of a straight shot, takes out the enemy with a well placed C4 explosion”

“…and then manages to blow himself up.”


“The squid hat and other “colorful” attire makes you easy to spot; and acts as a badge of confidence with pro players”


“But Snake isn’t without his own bag of tricks”


“Can you spot camo squid!?”

TGS-2015-MGO-96 TGS-2015-MGO-95

“While snake looks for the enemy our squid captures the data disc and successfully completes the mission!”


“Being the one who stole the data disc comes with a hefty reward but the team benefits as well!”


“Our staff/pro player shirts hide a little something extra for those looking through their int-scopes”

Here’s a video of the Metal Gear Online gameplay from TGS:

TGS-2015-Cosplay-4 TGS-2015-Cosplay-3 TGS-2015-Cosplay-2

“Cosplayers have invaded TGS!”

TGS-2015-Cosplay-5 TGS-2015-Cosplay-8 TGS-2015-Cosplay-7 TGS-2015-Cosplay-6

“It’s a cosplay party! Kaz, Quiet, Eva, and puppy fultoned DDog were all there”


“Idol Paz!”


“Huey just showed up!”

TGS-2015-Cosplay-12 TGS-2015-Cosplay-11

“Another excellent cosplay comes and visits the booth!”

Konami also published a video showing their booth.

There’s one more day of TGS left, and Quiet actress Stefanie Joosten said she’d drop by on this last day, and so will Donna Burke.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Metal Gear Official Twitter

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