On the last day of TGS, Stefanie Joosten and Donna Burke stopped by

Today was the last day of the Tokyo Game Show 2015, where Konami showed off Metal Gear Online and fans were lining up to play the game for themselves. During the day several cast members from MGSV stopped by: Quiet actress Stefanie Joosten, iDroid voice and singer Donna Burke and the Japanese voice actor for Ocelot. Check out the pictures and the new gameplay video stream below.

TGS-2015-MGO-105 TGS-2015-MGO-106

“We’re here at the last day for Tokyo Game Show and the line for MGO has never been longer!” – Metal Gear Online Twitter


“Some players are so anxious to play they are trying to sneak in, only to be caught!” – Metal Gear Online Twitter



“So many Diamond Dogs are here in support, thank you all!” – Metal Gear Online Twitter


“Even Raiden is here in support! Amazing work” – Metal Gear Online Twitter


“Some players are so excited they made their own attire” – Metal Gear Online Twitter


“The Raidens keep coming!” – Metal Gear Online Twitter

“Watch our Live Stream as we’ll be doing another live match with the FPS club from Chuo U.” – Metal Gear Online Twitter



“A wonderful surprise visit at Tokyo Game Show” – Metal Gear Online Twitter




“Singer and voice of the idroid Donna Burke is signing and taking pictures at the Konami booth!” – Metal Gear Official Twitter

TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-3 TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-4

“Got to play MGO3 at TGS! Really awesome! Looking forward to playing it at home.” – Stefanie Joosten Twitter


“Spending some time with the ladies of MGSV” – Robert Allen Peeler Twitter

TGS-2015-MGO-113 TGS-2015-MGO-114TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-and-Donna-Burke-2TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-and-Donna-Burke-3

TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-5 TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-6

“Ocelot’s Japanese VO Satoshi Mikami was here to play MGO too!” – Stefanie Joosten Twitter

TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-7 TGS-2015-Stefanie-Joosten-8

“Got to meet & take a pic with these amazing MGS cosplayers!” – Stefanie Joosten Twitter


And that concludes Japan’s biggest game show for this year. We will have to wait a little longer for Metal Gear Online’s release: October 6th on consoles and January of next year on PC.

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