Robert Peeler talks about Metal Gear Online – post-launch support, class system and more

Website DualShockers conducted an interview with Konami LA community manager Robert Peeler during Tokyo Game Show 2015. In the interview they talked about Metal Gear Online, how it was received during the show, the expected lifetime, and post-launch support.

Robert is very pleased with how MGO was received at TGS. There were many people coming in for both the stage presentations and to try out the game themselves.


Naturally, we can expect the developers to keep supporting the game after launch. “We’re going to be checking to see what weapons they’re using, how often they use them, what areas of the maps they’re using them in, the network connectivity… everything that makes for a more enjoyable player experience, and then possibly adjust certain things in a way that would make that more balanced or more preferable to the play style of the community.” Robert explained. But that doesn’t mean the game will be released unfinished, as the team is doing everything it can to make sure MGO is a really fun, tight and focused experience.

Ever since it’s release MGSV: The Phantom Pain has been having issues with its servers, that simply cannot sustain the amount of people using them at the same time. However, this did help the team prepare for possible issues Metal Gear Online may cause. “We’re not going to promise issue-free situations, but we’re trying our best and we hope that everyone will enjoy the experience, and if they are having any issues we will definitely listen to the community and adjust what we can.”


Another question the interviewer asked was wether the online experience is more focused around action or stealth. Robert answered that it mainly depends on what other players are doing, as you have to anticipate and react to that while playing. “That doesn’t mean you can’t go in sneaking all the time.” Robert added. “In fact, you can. We have a class known as the Infiltrator, who specializes in this tactic of sneaking and catching people unaware, and gathering information and otherwise killing the enemy that way.” But you’re not limited to just this class in order to play stealthily, and Robert mentioned the Cloak and Dagger mode as an example. “t’s a classic team sneak mode revamped for Metal Gear Solid V. It has the use of fultons, there’s the use of the optical camo for the opposing team, but allows also the infiltrator on either side to exact their skills in defending their base or attacking it.” In general, it’s up to the player and his team what tactic he wants to use.

While it is true that some tools and weapons work better against certain classes that others, but that doesn’t mean the game will be limiting. “Don’t just focus on what one class can do to another class, because, really, you could potentially do anything to any class from any angle on your side and their side.” Robert assured. This also means you always have to be prepared for anything, as you never know what strategies your opponents will use against you. “Just because you’re an infiltrator doesn’t mean that a scout or an enforcer will have an easier time taking you out. You got to prepare for anything.”


What kind of lifetime does Konami expect for the online service? According to Robert, this really is up to the community. “We’re not going to pick any specific year or date, we’re just going to helpfully support them all their way through their experience, and hope that the enjoy it.” Furthermore, the team intends to make adjustments to the experience where necessary. “if there are any parts that they’re having trouble with, of course we’ll be listening to their feedback, so we can hopefully make this game as good as it can be for the entire time that they want to play it.”

Lastly, Robert was asked to sell the online component to singleplayer fans. While he understands some of those fans don’t want to play with other people, he had this to say: “The experience you get in Metal Gear Solid V, the enhanced gameplay that is now critically acclaimed all throughout the industry, is what we’re trying to showcase here in a multiplayer mode. And not only does it feel like the same game experience in terms of high quality and high fun factor, but it’s amplified so much more with lots of other players involved. It’s like an extra challenge for anyone who played the single player campaign, has completed it and is looking for something new.” He also feels FOB could have served as a sort of introduction to the online mode, and concluded with: “But now, this multiplayer environment is pure pvp, team v team multiplayer. It’s the true challenge for any hardened Metal Gear fan to see how well they can stack up against real human players and still survive in the Metal Gear Online universe, so we really hope you guys try it. It’s coming on October 6th, and we can’t wait to show it off to the world.”

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