Konami’s pachinko company files ‘Big Boss’ trademark

Could we be getting a Metal Gear pachinko game in the future? Apparently, KPE (which is Konami’s pachinko company) has filed a ‘Big Boss’ trademark, along with the image below. Pachinko is a type of gambling machine game found in Japanese arcade parlors. Aside from pachinko machines, the trademark covers video games, board games, smartphone games, medal games and slot machines, Kotaku reports.


It would make sense, because Konami has already made pachinko games based on some of their other big franchises, such as Castlevania and Silent Hill. Also, this wouldn’t be the first time the series is brought to the arcades: Metal Gear Online 2 had its own arcade cabinet. However, keep in mind that this trademark doesn’t necessarily say this is related to Metal Gear, nor does it confirm the existence of pachinko plans for the franchise.

Recently there were rumors circulating that Konami would cease production of triple A console games, but these have since been denied by Konami customer support, as well as Community Manager Graham Day.

Source: KPE, via Kotaku

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