Metal Gear Online developers will continue to listen to feedback

Metal Gear Online went live yesterday, and the developers are currently monitoring issues and concerns by players. On Twitter, they posted on their official MGO Twitter:

When using SELECT MATCH try setting filters to find match criteria you’d like to participate in. Likewise looking through later pages on the match select screens might help you find matches looking for players. Also we’ve adjusted some settings to improve the performance of AUTOMATCH please try that option again to see if you’re able to join quickly.

For those trying to create a party to play w/ their friends on the same side, we’ve noticed players getting split on first match they start. It seems after the first match, players who partied up will likely be joined again for subsequent matches. However we’ll continue to look into this.

We had a giveaway planned today to celebrate the launch, however we are currently prioritizing any gameplay concerns among players today. So we’ll be postponing the giveaway to later this week when we have a chance to clear up some of the concerns players may be seeing in game. We appreciate everyone’s patience, and hope that most of you are enjoying Metal Gear Online while we continue to work with the feedback.

Thank you for the feedback regarding the MGSV:TPP CE issues for MGO missing from your client. We are currently working to solve this.

Servers for all four platforms are up and running now, after a maintenance earlier today.

Community Manager Robert Peeler also said the team is listening to feedback (such as people’s issues with the lack of a text chat option), but they can’t make any promises about features or changes until they are finalized.


Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Rob Peeler Twitter

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