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Close Up: Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack

Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack was released in Japan on September 2nd, for ¥3100 (the First Press release of this album came with a poster with artwork by Pablo Uchida, but stock ran out quickly). It contains 50 tracks, varying from gameplay music to cutscene score, and even some of the songs used in the trailers. It also includes tracks from Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Online.


Metal Gear Solid V has an excellent soundtrack composed by Akira Honda, Ludvig Forssell, and Justin Burnett. The main theme is Sins of the Father, performed by Donna Burke, but Quiet’s Theme by Stefanie Joosten deserves to be mentioned as well. A great soundtrack is something we’ve come to expect from a Metal Gear game, and MGSV doesn’t disappoint.

First let’s have a look at the case itself. The cover print has a shiny quality to it, that glows when it catches the light.


One thing that’s very cool about this case is that the logo (the red V exclamation mark) is printed on a transparent film that overlays the artwork of Snake, so it can be taken off as well if you prefer to have just the render itself on the cover.


One thing that’s a bit confusing is how the songs are distributed across the discs. The order seems a bit random. Disc 1 contains music from The Phantom Pain. Disc 2 starts off with some vocal tracks, 2 from MGSV trailers and 2 from the games, followed by the Ground Zeroes tracks, and the rest are TPP songs, and a Metal Gear Online track. Not entirely logical.

Disc 1
1. The Man Who Sold The World
2. V Has Come To
3. You Can Call Me Ishmael
4. A Burning Escape
5. Afghanistan’s a Big Place
6. Unforgiving Sands
7. Kept You Waiting Huh?
8. Parasites
9. Allegiance Defined
10. Exfiltrate the Hotzone
11. I am Skull Face
12. Hals’s Child Unchained
13. Introduction To Africa
14. Encounter on the Plains
15. A Factory of Death
16. The Code Talker
17. Metallic Archaea
18. OKB Zero
19. Angering Mantis
20. Sahelanthropus Dominion
21. Return
22. Sins of the Father


Disc 2
1. Quiet’s Theme
2. Here’s to You
3. Not Your Kind of People
4. Nuclear
5. Ground Zeroes
6. Camp Omega
7. Withered Peace
8. The Girl’s Gone
9. Bloodstained Anthem
10. She’s Rigged
11. The Fall of Mother Base
12. Drop Off
13. Beautiful Mirage – An Unexpected Visitor
14. On the Trail
15. Steel Embers
16. Infected
17. Battling Armor
18. Shining Lights, Even in Death
19. Fortress
20. Disarmament
21. Swift Judgement
22. Darkness Roars
23. Beautiful Mirage – The Vision Fades
24. Objective Complete
25. African Battlecry
26. Metal Gear Online
27. A Phantom Pain
28. Various Jingles


The booklet contains the full tracklist, the lyrics for the vocal tracks and some credits.


There are many great tracks on the discs, but here are five that really stand out (not counting licensed songs):

Quiet’s Theme
A vocal track performed by Quiet’s actress Stefanie Joosten. Very emotional, with an amazing melody and sorrowful lyrics.

Sins of the Father
One of the game’s main themes, performed by Donna Burke. A melancholic song that starts off calm before erupting into a fierce track that dynamically goes from loud to gentle. Partly plays during the journey montage and during the jeep ride with Skull Face.

This is the music track that plays during the final scene of Chapter 1 (a remixed version plays during the true ending). A powerful, ominous track with a dark sound to it.

Beautiful Mirage – The Vision Fades
The song that plays during the final scene with Paz, and one of the musical highlights of The Phantom Pain. A melody that sticks with you, both sad and eerie, that builds up to a dramatic climax.

V Has Come To
An epic song that plays during the cutscene after the prologue, as Ocelot and Snake set off for Afghanistan to rescue Miller and build a new army.

If you’re interested in ordering the CD, you can purchase it from CDJapan by following
this link (Affiliate Link)
. It’s also on iTunes but be aware that the digital version doesn’t have all the songs that are on the physical version.


Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack

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