Kojima explains how he made the MGSV ‘Nuclear’ trailer

Ever wondered how Hideo Kojima makes his famous Metal Gear trailers? In July 2014, Konami released a making of video that provides a behind the scenes look at what goes into making a trailer, using the ‘Nuclear’ E3 2014 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to show this.


This video was originally only available in Japanese, but the folks at the Reddit Metal Gear Solid fanpage translated the entire thing, so that it is now available with English subtitles. Presented by Stefanie Joosten and Hideo Kojima himself, this video is definitely worth a watch for those who are interested in seeing what goes into making a promotional video.

“Previously only available in Japanese, this is a subtitled version of the ‘How to make a PV’ video by Hideo Kojima released in July 2014, prior to the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in September 2015.

In the absence of a lingua franca, we have made every attempt to stay as accurate as possible to the original meanings of the original words, while adapting phrasing and structure to suit English readability.

Where small nuances of the original Japanese may be lost, we are confident that the spirit remains.”

Credits to the people at Reddit Metal Gear Solid for the translation of this interesting video!

Source: Reddit MGS

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