Stefanie Joosten talks about working on Metal Gear Solid V: on the set Kojima always came up with new ideas

In an interview published by Italian website TMag (conducted late September), Stefanie Joosten talks about her character, the motion capture process and the series in general.


The fact that she discussed her character with Kojima a lot prior to motion capture has been really helpful for Stefanie. But even during shooting new ideas were born. “I really had a lot of fun, it’s been great to be in the middle of the creative process, especially when we were doing the motion capture. Sure, we had a script to follow before we started, but even on the set Kojima always came up with new ideas and many funny things, like easter eggs he wanted to put in the game, something you wouldn’t expect from others. Even though it’s a very serious game, we had a lot of fun, and there were some scenes that were quite… weird to make.”

Of course a lot has been said about the character ever since she was unveiled. “Most have given this criticism before the game was released, so when they didn’t know the character yet… and I’ve always thought they simply needed to try it. They would see her in a different way.”


She also points out Metal Gear has always been like this. “I think that a lot things in the world of Metal Gear are over the top… they would be very strange in real life. This is part of the world of Metal Gear, and I think this is how it should continue to be. I don’t dislike it at all.” Stefanie said. “The game is certainly presented much more realistically compared to the previous episodes, but it still has these classic Metal Gear Solid elements. It’s a unique game: I think the fans will accept it and will see that the way it had to be is the way Kojima had the freedom to create it.” [This last part is pretty vague in its translation, but it probably means to say that Kojima should have the creative freedom to make what he wants.].

When asked what here favorite Metal Gear game was, Stefanie said it’s the fifth entry. Though she hasn’t finished it yet, she feels the gameplay is truly the best, the most refined. “But the first one still has a special place in my heart and I love the third one as well.”


To see the full interview (in Italian) follow the first link in the source section below, for an excerpt of the interview in English click on the second link.

Source: TMag, 2

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