Metal Gear Online will get new ‘Ranks’ feature

In Designer’s Notes Volume 9, the development team discussed two things: first, they talked about your character’s mobility and how it differs from class to class. Secondly, they introduced a new feature planned for the future, called ‘Ranks’. These ranks will indicate the player’s skill during the match, from F to S.

This week we’re going to cover another important factor of the game, player mobility. There are total of 5 levels of mobility representing different walk/run movement speed and sprinting time. Mobility is the sum of your loadout weight defined by the weight of different weapons and items. The graph below breaks down the class specific weight range for each mobility level. Mobility Lvl.A is only available for the Scout and Infiltrator classes, and mobility Lvl.S is only available for the Infiltrator class.


Consider Lvl.B as the standard level, while Lvl.S indicates the highest level of mobility. With Lvl.S or Lvl.A mobility weight, players not only have increased movement speed and extended sprinting time, but the range where they emit noise is reduced. Since noise can be generated from sprinting or diving, a reduced range allows players to move around the battlefield with a higher chance of avoiding enemy detection.

Lvl.C or the heaviest weight level Lvl.D on the other hand reduces movement speed and has a shorter sprinting time. Not only that, the noise emission range is increased and players will experience larger sway when aiming a weapon.Keep this in mind when you customize your loadout!

We also have some more information on a planned future update.
We’ll be adding a new feature called “Ranks”. Ranks will represent a player’s skill level across several matches. Since a character’s level is controlled by experience points gained by playing matches, we wanted to create another system to showcase the skill level a player demonstrated across those matches.

Included Ranks are as follows: F, E, D, C, B, A and S being the greatest with everyone starting at Rank F. Based on the results of a match, this rank can go up or down. We currently display the character level on the Scoreboard or in the Briefing menu, but this will be replaced with the Rank.


We’re still collecting different BGMs and Preset Text ideas so please continue to send us all your feedback through the official Twitter and customer support.

Source: MGSV Official Website

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