Metal Gear Online Beta available now on PC

The Metal Gear Online Beta is now available for the PC. This has been announced through the game’s official Steam page. Everyone who owns The Phantom Pain on the platform can follow these instructions to download it for free:

– Locate your Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain copy from your Steam library 
– Navigate to the Beta tab within game properties through the Steam Library 
– Opt into the Beta (MGO_OPEN_BETA) 
– Launch the game which will update to the Beta version

Keep in mind that the game may not run perfectly right away, and players are asked to report issues they encounter:

Since this is a Beta version of the game, it’s certainly possible that you’ll run into some bugs, errors, or issues from time to time. If you happen upon a major concern, please voice it in the forum. We’ve created a new pinned thread just for the occasion!

Source: Steam

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