Kojima visits performance capture studio on first day of his 10-day technology trip

Hideo Kojima, Ken Imaziumi and Ayako Terashima are currently on a 10-day trip with Mark Cerny to ‘search for the newest technology’, as the famous game designer describes it.

On his first day he went to VASG (Visual Arts Service Group) in San Diego to check out the performance capture that was used for big and highly cinematic games like The Last of Us and The Order 1886. VASG is a division of Sony Computer Entertainment America aimed at assisting the developers of Sony Worldwide Studios.


“HK checking out the performance capture process used on TLOU and The Order” – Mark Cerny


“Visited VASG. Exposed the newest tech, as performance capture & photogrammetry etc that I’m interested in.” – Hideo Kojima Twitter


“Hideo Kojima today.” – Ayako Terashima


“With people at VASG, and Sir Galahad.” – Hideo Kojima


“Did some facial scans just because reasons. HK, meet Cyber-HK!” – Mark Cerny


“We saw a performance capture demo at VASG, they’ve done Uncharted and many SCE titles.” Ken Imaizumi

Afterwards, they traveled to Los Angeles where Kojima paid a visit to some of his friends to inform them about his new studio Kojima Productions: JJ Abrams, the producer and director of the recent Star Wars movie and Kyle Cooper of Prologue, a famous title sequence designed who has worked on several Metal Gear games.

Source: Mark Cerny Twitter, Hideo Kojima TwitterAyako Terashima TwitterKen Imaizumi Twitter

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