Hideo Kojima on keeping up with evolving technology

On Twitter, Kojima talked a bit about the challenge of keeping up with constantly evolving technology in the gaming industry. He concluded that he can keep up because of the other studios that exits over the world (referring to his tour that ended a few days ago).

Game industry’s always been depended on the technology. Technology evolves on daily so as hardware & software. That’s why you need to keep running. The one who runs at his/her best, the one who runs strategically, the one who runs on his/her pace, the one who seeks opportunity while running in the 2nd pack. You don’t need to be in the 1st pack all the time.


But once you take a break you will get way behind from the pack. I’ve visited in various studios and all of them have kept running without any rest. Such sense of distance was out “shared language”. I can “keep running” because such top groups exist all over the world.

It is not unlikely Kojima Productions will be using at least some of the technology available in Sony’s worldwide studios, as his own studio probably doesn’t have the resources yet to make the kind of cutting edge games Kojima aims to create.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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