Donna Burke talks about working with Kojima on MGSV

In an interview with Alternative Magazine Online, Donna Burke (who Metal Gear fans will know as the voice of the iDroid and the singer of both Peace Walker’s theme song Heavens Divide and The Phantom Pain’s theme song Sins of the Father) talked a bit about working with Konami and Kojima on Metal Gear Solid V, saying it was very professional and fun.

“I’ll never forget when Kojima-san showed me the Red Band trailer. OMG – I was completely blown away. And to see my name up on the credits… what a thrill!”


Donna says that initially she didn’t quite realize how big a deal Kojima was in the game industry.

“Looking back I think I was always pretty relaxed when dealing with Kojima-san as I was completely ignorant of his world-wide fame – only now do I think “Shit! Kojima-san!” but when I was recording for Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain… I was still pretty dumb about how much of a big deal Metal Gear Solid really was. My ignorance meant I was completely relaxed.”

One of the best memories she has about working with Kojima was during the countdown party for Metal Gear Solid V’s launch in Japan.

“It was live, I got to sing Snake Eater, Sins of the Father and Heavens Divide, Stefanie Joosten performed Quiet’s Theme and a few VIP voice actors including Akio Otsuka sat on the sofas in Dagmusic Studio laughing and entertaining everyone watching. Before the live cast, Kojima-san gave a great speech to all of us crammed into this room and brought out a bottle of wine from 1984 (Metal Gear Solid V’s birth year) and another from 1963 (Kojima-san’s birth year) and we all toasted Metal Gear Solid – it was so special.”


Donna also shared the placeholder lyrics she wrote when making a demo for Sins of the Father, back in 2012. The final lyrics would be written later by Ludvig Forssell.

did I have to try?
to survive
To defend, myself at all?
In the end
It’s the same as it ever was
I wish you never believed at all
from the fire
on the walls
of my cold retreat
For how long
Must I hide here in solitude?
Alone with just my hate burning
Oh Oh
Woah oh oh  x3
I didn’t get to choose
How I died
Where I lived or who I’ve loved
Look at me
Don’t you see what I’ve done to you
Such broken promises
Oh Oh
Woah oh oh  x3
Is your beating heart
But you see
I was there when they stole this too
You should know
There is no one to hear your prayer
No one to save you
Why didn’t you run when you had the chance

When asked about working on possible future projects with Kojima, she said she’d ‘absolutely’ work with him again. “What would I say except yes!”


To read the entire interview, follow the link in the source section.

Source: Alternative Magazine Online

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