Metal Gear Online Class Parameters and upcoming Random BGM Feature discussed

In Designer’s Notes Volume 18, the Metal Gear Online developers discuss parameters by class, and introduce a new feature that will be coming in a later update, the Random BGM (Background Music) Feature.

The world calls for Parameters, and we answer!

The March update and the EXPANSION PACK “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” has arrived, and you’re probably reading this while the game is in maintenance, as we all patiently wait to jump back into MGO. In that case we hope you find Vol. 18 an intriguing read while you wait to play.

We also put out the latest METAL GEAR ONLINE trailer, specifically showcasing the new content found in CLOAKED IN SILENCE. Be sure to check it out and share it with friends.

Last week, we revealed the full update info within Vol. 17 of the Designer’s Notes. You can read over those here, if you haven’t already. We have additional updates to those revisions you can look through here.

As players dive into the latest content, we’d like to dedicate this and the following two additional Designer’s Notes (three in total) to discuss Parameters by class. Note: this week, we’ll be discussing base parameters which adjust when examined in conjunction with an equipped ability.


“STRENGTH” applies specifically to the power of your lethal damage. Enforcers have a natural benefit in regards to STRENGTH and Infiltrators are particularly weak, in comparison. Likewise, STRENGTH contributes to player recovery speed, for example: at base levels, Enforcers and Scouts fully recover in five seconds, however an Infiltrator requires 6 seconds to fully recover.

“STAMINA” applies specifically to the effectiveness of your non-lethal damage. Enforcers likewise have naturally the highest “STAMINA” with Infiltrators having the least. In terms of STAMINA recovery however, the margins are close enough that all classes fully recover their stamina in five seconds.

“NOISE” refers to the maximum distance between you and the enemy where you register on their radar. At a base distance of 10m, those who emit a noise will be recognized on player radar. Infiltrators however naturally reduce this range, off setting it by .6 or 6m. Enforcers however receive a disadvantage, ultimately increasing the range they’re recognized on radar by 1.4 or 14m.

With the above information at your disposal, we hope you can better strategize the use of your innate class parameters with the given abilities you earn as you level up.

Even with the release of Ver. 1.10 and the CLOAKED IN SILENCE DLC, we have still more to add in the next update!

First we’re introducing a player requested “Random BGM” feature, allowing players to randomize which BGM selection is played during matches.

Using this feature, the BGM will rotate to a different track with each mission so sit back and enjoy the tasty tunes…as you fight perilously for your team!


That wraps up Vol. 18, come back next week for another in-depth look at MGO parameters and sneak previews of the coming update.

Don’t forget to pick up the Complete Bundle for the EXPANSION PACK DLC “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” so you too can play as Quiet in the new maps.

We look forward to joining you on the battlefield…perhaps in a new Sabotage mission!

Source: MGSV Official Website (Designer’s Notes Vol 18)

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