A look at Metal Gear Online class parameters for CQC, plus a video to prepare you for Survival mode

In this week’s volume of Designer’s Notes, the developers give an in-depth look at how each class’ stats differ when it comes to CQC as well as ‘Setting Action and Throwing Action’. Also, a new video introduces the new game mode Survival coming in the next update releasing April 7th.

Welcome to another look at character class characteristics–the kind that distinguish each class at a core level, but of course can be modified with your selection of abilities. Armed with these insights, adapt your playstyle in matches to come out on top!

This week we’re looking deeper at “CQC”, “Setting Action and Throwing Actions”.


“CQC” or Close Quarters Combat employs a few different unique parameters.

“Time to Stun with CQC Restrain” is exactly as it sounds; measuring the seconds required to stun a restrained enemy. Infiltrators are the kings of CQC with the innate ability to stun fastest, whereas Enforcers take the longest.

“CQC Escape Offset” demonstrates time needed to escape from a CQC hold, with the larger values reducing the time to escape. Infiltrators again can escape CQC quicker than most, followed by Scouts and lastly Enforcers.

“Interrogation Success Duration” times how quickly you can complete an interrogation on an enemy. Infiltrators can interrogate the enemy with the fastest time, while Enforcers take the longest.

“Setting Action and Throwing Action” refers to specific parameters governing time taken to set placed weapons and distance & speed a player is able to throw a weapon.

One’s “Weapon Set Time Offset” dictates the time taken to place a weapon such as C4 or a sleeping gas mine. The larger the value, the quicker the player is able to set a weapon. Enforcers have innate superiority in this regard, then Infiltrators, and finally Scouts.

“Throw Time Offset” defines speed a player can throw a weapon, Scouts being the fastest, Infiltrators being the slowest.

While “Throw Speed Offset” defines the distance (phrased here as “initial speed”) an item is thrown. With a larger value, players throw a weapon farther. Scouts and Enforcers can throw weapons an equal maximum distance, while Infiltrators can throw just shy of that.

These small advantages can mean a lot on the battlefield, especially with the above info at the ready–this is especially true for finding yourself in a prime CQC opportunity.

The next update on April 7th, 2016 to the game is much smaller in scope than the last but no less important as you know with the inclusion of the long-awaited SURVIVAL match mode. As you know, SURVIVAL groups 6 players into consecutive matches aiming to gain a win streak of 5 or more matches and earn special rewards.

SURVIVAL is available to all players for a total of 10 attempts per week, but for those players who’ve purchased the [CLOAKED IN SILENCE] Expansion DLC, you can attempt the new match mode an unlimited number of times. If you still haven’t acquired the new DLC, SURVIVAL also lets you try out the brand new maps previously exclusive to purchase. Check out the new maps and SURVIVAL for free, then play them both longer by picking up [CLOAKED IN SILENCE] only $3.99/€3.99!

We’ve put together a quick video as well to prepare you for SURVIVAL:

The new update is almost upon us arriving next week on April 5th! Thank you for your continued support for Metal Gear Online, we hope you enjoy the new SURVIVAL mode and the newest changes to the game.

Until next time, see you on the battlefield!

On Twitter, the developers have shared some additional information regarding the video posted above.

Regarding the recent Survival Video on Designer’s Notes Vol. 20 we wanted to clarify the use of password protected player created rooms. You can create rooms in prep for Survival, similar to other play modes, allowing players with like minded gameplay to group in advance. In here, you can set Host Comments such as “Beginners only”, “Just for fun” and other disclaimers; you can also password protect the room. The maximum number of players in the room is 6, and the minimum required number of players to start Survival is 6. When a team from these rooms begins a Survival match, the matchmaking system pits them against an opposing team from another room. Teams from one room, cannot select which team they will face in opposition, the matchmaking system looks to select teams of equal difficulty. 

As mentioned, this system is available to all players for free on April 7th, for a total of 10 attempts per week, including the new DLC maps. If you purchase the [CLOAKED IN SILENCE] Expansion Pack DLC you have an unlimited number of Survival attempts per week.

We hope this clarifies a concern we saw some players have regarding the new system. We’ll continue to monitor feedback around Survival and make changes in future updates where necessary or helpful.

Source: MGSV Official Website (Designer’s Notes Vol. 20), Metal Gear Online Twitter

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