Kojima’s new game is something that ‘fans of AAA games such as The Division and Uncharted will enjoy’

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Hideo Kojima talked a little bit about his new game that he’s currently developing at his new independent company. Website Siliconera provided a translation. Kojima said he’s currently experimenting with the various elements; characters, story and gameplay mechanics. “I’m brainstorming everything equally. Some parts are very new, so I’ll need to experiment with it.” Kojima did say that it’s an amazing game.


It’s going to be an action game (he wouldn’t say if it’s going to be open world), and it’s something fans of triple A games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Division will be able to enjoy easily. He also added that when the game will be announced, it might to some not be as ‘edgy’ or ‘way-off’ as expected, but they will understand once they play it.

About the new Kojima Productions logo, Kojima said there’s a secret to it, and that the body looks very cool and he’d like to turn it into a figure.


Not a whole lot of concrete information, but right now this is all we’re going to get.

On a related note, Kojima actually posted on Twitter that he was getting ready to play Uncharted 4, which came out today.

"No, not yet, it's not over yet!!!"
“No, not yet, it’s not over yet!!!”

Source: Siliconera, Hachima Kikou

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