Kojima’s new game will use a third party engine

During the Q&A session with Kojima at the Nordic Game convention, the question came up if Kojima is planning to use in house technology for his next game, as he has done in the past, or use a licensed engine this time around. Kojima answered (through his translator):

I actually think it’s better to use those internal tools, and making a game with internal tools. As for my first title – because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it – so for that title we are going to use a third party engine. The reason why I’m traveling around the world is also to look for such technology to use.


Kojima has visited many gaming studios across the world the past few months, from Sony World Wide Studios to DICE just recently. He has been exceptionally positive about the balance between technology, people and vision at Media Molecule and DICE.

During the interview he also reaffirmed that he’s planning to make a big game like the ones we’ve come to expect from him, but with a smaller team. He wants to release this title ‘as soon as possible’, but can’t say yet when this will be.

Furthermore, he talked about how he’s able to combine realism with fantastical elements. Kojima explained that what is important to him is to make the player feel immersed in the world, rather than make the world feel as realistic as possible. To achieve this, every small thing in the game has to be consistent in creating this feeling of being inside its world. This is why Kojima places a lot of importance on attention to detail. As an example he used the theme park Disneyland. You are inside this world, and even the bathrooms aren’t regular bathrooms but made to fit in this universe, and because of this you aren’t pulled from the illusion of being in this world. In the same way, when making a game, the small details have to match the overall world of the game.

Kojima also talked a bit about the recently revealed render of the Kojima Productions icon, and what it stands for.

I wanted to indicate the way that Kojima Productions directs, and to show something as concrete as this visual. This one is equipped with the most advanced technology and it’s a soldier going to adventure with a pioneer spirit, and the intention is like: he entered a world that you never saw before, you never played before.

Kojima added that the character isn’t equipped for war, but to face the many difficulties that may lie ahead.


You can watch the full Q&A session here.

"Thank you very much."
“Thank you very much.”

Source: Hideo Kojima LIVE from Nordic Game 2016

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