EG Expo 2012: New MGS Ground Zeroes info

At the Eurogamer Expo 2012, Hideo Kojima showed some Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes footage, as well as providing some new info. Here are the new things we learned:


  • ‘Here’s to You’ was playing again, so apparently legal issues over the copyright have been settled
  • They had to make a lot of visual comprises to be able to create an open world, but not in the lighting
  • The day and night cycle will be a 24 hour cycle
  • You can return to your base at any time using the helicopter. The helicopter can get shot down though
  • After you board your helicopter, you travel in real time
  • You can walk around your base, and design it, maybe possible from your smartphone. Designing your base is optional, and will not be required
  • Gameplay is stealth, but with more options. You will still be awarded for using stealth, but how you infiltrate the base is up to you
  • The story unravels as you go through the game’s mission structure
  • The hub system consists of smaller open worlds within a larger universe.
  • Peace Walker’s Research & Design element may also return in this game
  • ‘It’s hard to compare to anything else out there’


Kojima also stated he would like to pass the baton, and have the series continue for another 25 years.

Source: Johnny Cullen’s Twitter, Daniel Dawkins’ Twitter, Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi’s Twitter, VG247, BeefJack

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