Kojima: sometimes they say I’m crazy

As a creator, Kojima isn’t afraid of doing things differently, or coming up with ideas that were previously unheard of, or at least very uncommon. From what we have heard him say in past interviews, he intends to do something unique with his current creation, Death Stranding, as well. On Twitter, he commented on how trying to do something people can’t really imagine yet can be difficult at times.


“The creation is lonely. You need to have the enormous energy to give birth to what you want to create satisfactory. However, sometimes there’s only few can support to what no one ever seen before, nor imagine before the completion. Sometimes they say I’m crazy. So I watch the “Making Of” the films and acknowledge that I am not alone.”

In an interview held in 2014 Kojima made a similar comment, saying how you sometimes have to make it work on your own when people don’t grasp what you’re trying to do.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3)

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