Kojima explains why he could never stop making games

During his conversation with Mark Cerny at the Develop: Brighton Awards, Kojima talked about his career, the past and the future, and why he is excited for the things to come.


Kojima originally wanted to get into movies, but did not succeed in that. However, he thought he could use games to tell his stories as well. 30 years ago games were still very limited, but as technology progressed more and more became possible. Because of this, you can tell the same stories with games as you can with movies. “I’m very happy that I chose this road, because everything I wanted to do in movies, I’m able to do it nowadays in games. So yeah, I’m very very satisfied by this choice.”

Initially, for Kojima the Metal Gear series was finished when he completed the two 2D Metal Gear games for MSX. But with the release of the PlayStation, the 3D capabilities really opened up the gameplay possibilities, so Kojima felt this allowed him to make what he originally intended to do. “You can say in a way that thanks to PlayStation, Metal Gear Solid existed at all. The technology that PlayStation had was what made Metal Gear Solid possible.”


So to what extent have technological advancements shaped his games? “There are certainly aspects like that, where technology has changed a little bit of what I do, but when I think of a game in my head, it has so many elements. You smell things, things have their own temperature, it’s quite a vast reality that I am imagining.” The fact that technology is always improving and evolving allows Kojima to put more and more of what he comes up with into his games. “Things keep advancing and I’m able to do more things closer to what I imagined, and that’s why I could never stop making games.”

And now, despite being in the industry for 30 years, Kojima is confident that working with Mark Cerny and using the latest technology he will be able to make something truly special. “So far when I’m making games there’s ultimately a point where I have to give up on something, where I need to compromise something in order to get things done, and usually so far that had been something on game design where I had to compromise something. But this time, working with you [Mark Cerny], I know that […] using different technologies we will get around that. So I’m very confident that working together we will be able to make something that no one has ever seen, something completely new, and that should be my best work so far, I’m very confident of that, working together.”


To see the entire conversation between Mark Cerny and Hideo Kojima, follow the link in the source section below.

Update: Here’s a short recap of the subjects talked about during the conversation at Develop: Brighton.

Source: Develop Brighton – Hideo Kojima ‘Legends on the Future’ Talk

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